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Louise Purtle

Chief Strategist

In a career spanning 25 years and several countries, Louise has developed a range of skills that give her a unique perspective on global credit strategy and ideally equip her for her role as CreditSights' Chief Strategist. Louise joined the firm in 2002. Previously she was a Director and Head of U.S. Credit Strategy at Deutsche Bank where she was responsible for the formulation of the bank's macro credit strategy and the marketing of this platform to a global client base. She joined in 1993 in Australia as a specialist in the area of inflation indexed fixed income securities, and then moved to the United States in 1995. After a three-year stint as a senior fixed income salesperson for global government fixed income product she moved into the corporate arena in 1998 specializing first in the newly developing European market and then assuming the mantle of U.S. Credit Strategist in 2000. Prior to joining Deutsche, Louise spent 10 years at Macquarie Bank in Australia where she gained exposure to a broad range of markets including foreign exchange, bullion and commodities, fixed income, derivatives and funds management. Louise received a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School in 1999. She is a popular presenter on the institutional speaker circuit and has frequently authored articles for financial markets periodicals. Louise writes the "No Strings Attached" columns for Credit and U.S. Credit and the "Credit Conscience" column for Credit Wrap.


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