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Asia Weekly: Asia HY Sell-off, Labour Day Slowdown

Asia Weekly: 04 May 2018, 12:47 AM ET - The recovery in Asian $-bond spreads in the first 2 weeks of April were thoroughly wiped out by the end of this week. Asia ex-Japan new $-bond supply declined further this week partly due to the Labour Day holiday on Tuesday.

Asia Weekly: Supply Picks Up

Asia Weekly: 20 Apr 2018, 3:56 AM ET - Asia ex-Japan new issuance totalled $14 bn for the week ended 19 April, $4.8 bn of which came from ChemChina-owned Syngenta.  

US Strategy: Tariffs as Repricing Event?

Strategy Analysis: 01 Mar 2018, 9:40 PM ET - The market has been building in very low odds of a trade war event, a NAFTA withdrawal, or a significant escalation of tit-for-tat trade retaliations on a broader scale.  The odds-makers just got a fresh load of input.

CreditSights 12th Annual European Conference

Announcement: 29 Nov 2016, 8:54 PM ET - Download our Conference Mobile App for our upcoming event on Friday 9th December 2016.

Using the New E-Mail Alerts System

Announcement: 18 Feb 2015, 11:28 PM ET - CreditSights launched its new beta e-mail Alerts system on  Mon, February 23rd. A new interface allows users to manage their e-mail  Alerts. This is a user guide for managing your e-mail Alerts in the new system.

Announcing CreditSights' New E-Mail Alerts System

Announcement: 12 Feb 2015, 11:27 PM ET - CreditSights announced the launch of its new beta e-mail Alerts system on Monday, February 23rd. Your previous e-mail Alert preferences will be carried over into the new beta e-mail Alerts system.

Asian Corporate Perpetuals: Risky Business

Strategy Analysis: 22 Aug 2013, 9:10 PM ET - Corporate perps are fairly new to Asia, but the asset class looks here to stay.  From a borrower's standpoint, the indefinite maturity and optional interest deferral of perps are clear perks. But what are the benefits for investors? 

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