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China Securities Firms: Income and Funding Trends

Sector Analysis: 29 Jun 2017, 5:46 PM ET - We update on the Chinese securities firms' operating environment, regulatory ratios and financial performance, in anticipation of an upcoming visit in July.

China Securities, Part 2: On Citic & Haitong

Sector Analysis: 19 Jul 2015, 2:56 PM ET - In this note, we look at the financial performance and shareholding structure of Citic and Haitong Securities - China's two largest brokerages - and consider relative value in their USD bonds.

China Securities, Part 1: The CCP vs. Mr Market

Sector Analysis: 08 Jul 2015, 8:05 PM ET - We initiate on China's securities firms in a two-part report. Part 1 gives an overview of the main business segments, particularly brokerage and margin financing. It also reviews the major regulatory requirements on capital and liquidity.

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