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Oil & Gas: Slashing Oil Outlook, Downgrading E&Ps

Sector Analysis: 26 Nov 2018, 4:48 AM ET - We believe the recent 33% drop in oil prices is likely to be just the first leg of a deeper decline.  We are reducing our 2019 oil price view and recalibrating our IG and HY E&P investment recommendations to a more defensive position.

Indonesia Coal: Govt. Caps Domestic Coal Prices

Worth Watching: 14 Mar 2018, 5:40 AM ET - Indonesia Coal miners were ordered by the Indonesian government to lower the prices of coal sold to domestic power producers by up to 33%. The new prices will take effect from 12 March 2018 (revised from the previous 1 January 2018) and valid t ..

Asian High Yield: Hong Kong Investor Meetings

Strategy Analysis: 31 Jan 2018, 9:40 PM ET - Investors are expressing the "Asia is expensive" view in two very different ways: either by becoming more defensive and only buying the high quality, stable credits, or by searching for the highest-yielding names in order to boost returns. 

Asia Credit: The Week Ahead, 24 July 2017

Strategy Analysis: 21 Jul 2017, 12:31 AM ET - A slew of Indonesian high yield companies will report 2Q17 results next Friday, ahead of the regulatory deadline. 

Asia Credit: The Week Ahead, 17 July 2017

Strategy Analysis: 13 Jul 2017, 11:50 PM ET - Next week's $ roadshows include IBK, ABM Investama and Parkway Pantai. Chinese energy services firm Anton Oilfield will also release a 2Q17 update on Monday morning. 

Indonesia Trip Notes 2017: Bumi Resources

Company Meetings: 21 Jun 2017, 12:38 AM ET - We met the Indonesian coal producer in Jakarta as it emerges from a long debt restructuring. 

Asia Credit: The Week Ahead, 12 June 2017

Strategy Analysis: 09 Jun 2017, 12:03 AM ET - Kaisa will be expected to set the minimum yields for its proposed Kaisa 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2024 on Wednesday.  Evergrande is also conducting a similar Exchange Offer exercise.

Asia Corporate Recommendations: April 2017

Asia Corporate Recommendations: 02 May 2017, 3:03 AM ET - We initiated coverage on Glenmark Pharmaceuticals in April, with an Underperform recommendation on Glenmark 2021.  

Asian High Yield: Hong Kong Client Meetings

Strategy Analysis: 13 Feb 2017, 7:20 PM ET - New issues, diversification outside China and rising interest rates were among the recurring topics of discussion. 

CreditSights 12th Annual European Conference

Announcement: 29 Nov 2016, 8:54 PM ET - Download our Conference Mobile App for our upcoming event on Friday 9th December 2016.

Asia High Yield Recommendations: August 2016

Asia Corporate Recommendations: 01 Sep 2016, 8:44 PM ET - We initiated coverage of the Chinese state-linked developers Beijing Capital Land, Greenland Hong Kong, Greentown and Franshion this month. We also initiated coverage of the Indonesian developers Modernland Realty and Pakuwon Jati. 

Asia High Yield: June 2016 Recommendations

Asia Corporate Recommendations: 04 Jul 2016, 10:08 PM ET - We resumed coverage of Indonesian poultry firm Japfa Comfeed and Indonesian property developer Kawasan Industri Jababeka in June.   

Asia High Yield: April 2016 Recommendations

Asia Corporate Recommendations: 03 May 2016, 9:23 AM ET - Asian high yield continued to perform well in April, with commodity-related bonds faring the best.  

Asian High Yield: Feb 2016 Recommendations

Sector Analysis: 01 Mar 2016, 11:14 PM ET - A summary of our Asian high yield recommendations and recent research. 

Asian High Yield: Jan 2016 Recommendations

Sector Analysis: 01 Feb 2016, 6:50 PM ET - We collate the recommendations and recent research for the Asian high yield names we follow, for ease of reference. We will publish the report at the end of every month. 

Asia High Yield Snapshot: Full Year Edition

Asia High Yield Snapshot: 12 May 2015, 5:21 AM ET - We update the Asia High Yield Snapshot with FY14 figures and our new forecasts for the companies we cover. Credit quality continues to deteriorate across the sector. 

Using the New E-Mail Alerts System

Announcement: 18 Feb 2015, 11:28 PM ET - CreditSights launched its new beta e-mail Alerts system on  Mon, February 23rd. A new interface allows users to manage their e-mail  Alerts. This is a user guide for managing your e-mail Alerts in the new system.

Announcing CreditSights' New E-Mail Alerts System

Announcement: 12 Feb 2015, 11:27 PM ET - CreditSights announced the launch of its new beta e-mail Alerts system on Monday, February 23rd. Your previous e-mail Alert preferences will be carried over into the new beta e-mail Alerts system.

Asia High Yield 2015 Outlook: On Guard

Sector Outlook: 29 Dec 2014, 8:19 PM ET - We are taking a defensive stance towards Asian high yield in 2015. We prefer companies with stronger credit profiles and bonds which enjoy better liquidity in the secondary markets, even if this means sacrificing some yield. 

Indonesian HY 2015 Outlook: Property Picks

Sector Outlook: 03 Dec 2014, 8:19 PM ET - With a new president in place, hopes are running high for Indonesia next year.  New regulations on offshore borrowings could prompt a rush of opportunistic $ bond issuance in 2015.   Property developers are our top picks. 

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