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Useful & Intuitive

CreditSights Risk Products gives its users the power to review quantitatively-driven signals across credit portfolios in ways that are easy to use and understand. Monitoring multiple portfolios and reviewing new debt issuers has never been easier with CreditSights Risk Products.

Custom, Unlimited Portfolio Creation

Our new website makes it easy to review all relevant Risk Products output across multiple portfolios. Our Data Visualization Spreadsheet is an adjunct to the website, allowing users to review aggregate input and output data across any group of companies of interest, including sectors and countries as well as user-determined portfolios.

Evaluate New Debt Issuers

CreditSights Risk Products provides a quick review of the short-term and medium-term credit risk profile of new issuers coming to market.

Superb Customer Support

CreditSights Risk Products is with you every step of the way - we work together with our clients to assure that the implmentation and interpretation of our models is seamless and stress-free. We are also available to help on any custom projects and presentations that involve CreditSights Risk Products information.