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The methodology behind CreditSights Risk Products is transparent, clear, and logical. Fundamental and equity market information drives all our models, enforcing objectivity. A one-year forward probability of default (Credit Risk Estimate or CRE) and a medium-term CreditSights Rating (CSR) are the cornerstone Risk Products outputs.

BondScore Credit Risk Estimate (CRE): One-Year Forward PD

A CRE is a one-year forward estimate of a company's probability of default, and is translated into five Credit Risk Levels for easy interpretation.

CSR: Medium-Term Rating

A CSR is a medium-term measure of a company's credit risk, based on a cumulative five-year PD for non-financial firms and fit to agency ratings for financial companies.

Fundamental & Equity Data Drive Our Models

The blend between both types of data varies across models and time frames. Please see the white papers for more details.