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Morning Comments and daily alerts

Published weekdays at 6 a.m. in New York and 6 a.m. in London, our Morning Comments and Daily Alerts provide readers with detailed analysis of a wide range of topics to start their day. Our Morning Comments include sections on broad market strategy and market-relevant sector and company analysis while the Worth Watching section encapsulates value-added commentary on news items from the previous 24 hours. Given the volume and variety of  research produced by our analyst team, the  Morning Comments are accompanied by daily  morning alerts to customers, which highlight  additional company, sector, and macro  pieces. We also provide convenient links  each morning to all research that had been  posted since the prior daily. During the course  of the day, our analysts continue to publish  timely research on issues and companies  most affecting the market, and we send  them to clients as soon as they go up on our  website. Clients can elect by industry which  intra-day alerts they want to receive.


Tearsheets are standardized two-page  summaries that address critical issues  around a company's credit outlook, financial  profile, operating trends, business mix,  liquidity, capital structure trends, and  exposure to event risk. These are updated  on a quarterly basis and provide a financial  and operating snapshot that are convenient  for ongoing portfolio maintenance needs and  risk monitoring. Tearsheets are produced for  the most active and liquid issuers and are  designed to save man-hours and enhance  efficiency.

Quantitative credit risk surveillance and analysis:
Risk Products *

Our two groups of proprietary quantitative models provide an objective measure of credit risk for corporate and financial issuers. CreditSights Ratings provides a medium-term, standalone credit rating for over 1,600 firms in North America and Europe, and features unique ratings comments authored by CreditSights' analysts and the ability to track analyst trading recommendations. BondScore is CreditSights' suite of short-term credit scoring models, which produces an estimate of the one-year forward probability of default (known as a Credit Risk Estimate or "CRE") for over 8,500 global companies, as well as a unique short-term relative value trading signal.  Both Ratings and BondScore offer the ability to change the model inputs to allow users to reflect any anticipated scenario, while Ratings also offers a GDP scenario calculator. Output is provided through an intuitive interface on our website, offering the power to pinpoint credits in your portfolio that require further investigation with the help of our fundamental research offering and the capacity to quickly screen across hundreds of credits to identify opportunities based on multiple criteria. Users can create ticker-based portfolios and track weekly changes. Output can also be received via a weekly data feed.

* Risk Products require a separate group license for access. Contact your sales representative for details.

Premium advisory services *

Customized advisory service packages  include analyst access by industry team  or across the entire analytical staff. The  service can include periodic conference calls,  targeted company and sector level reports,  and analyst presentations on issues most  relevant to the client's needs and exposures.  Clients have used such advisory services as  a complement to their internal research and  risk management capabilities.

* Premium services are negotiated on an  individual client basis based on specific  needs and scope of service. Contact your  sales representative for details.


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